babigro is a pictorial diary capturing your little one as they grow and blossom from a newborn baby to early toddler years. This fantastic package includes three photo shoot sessions, in the comfort of your own home or one mutually agreed location, within a year to eighteen months of your baby’s birth.

As a guideline, the first photo shoot under three months, the second around six months and the third between nine and twelve months. These suggested intervals provide opportunity to see changes in physical development, facial expressions and of course their personalities.  Children all grow and develop at their own pace, so we let you choose when the sessions are based upon your little one. You might like the idea of photo shoot one to show your new baby lying down, the second to show them sitting and the third session standing for example. Alternatively you might want to time one of their three shoots with their first Christmas or Easter outfit!

babigro is a fantastic way to look back and marvel at how tiny and precious their hands were, the flushed cheeks as they begin to teeth, that cheeky smile, how grown up they looked as they took their first steps…

Prices start from as little as £150. Included in the basic babigro package:

  • 3 Photo shoots in the comfort of your own home or at a mutually agreed location
  • Post production editing
  • Opportunity to view the images in the comfort of your own home
  • Your favourite photograph of each shoot enlarged to one 10 x 8” print to keep and treasure

Whilst there is absolutely no obligation to purchase any additional prints, canvasses or photo gifts, you will have the option to do so.

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